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Sweet pleasure

Café-Lounge Alter Markt 55 is located in the center of Cologne's old town and is the gastronomic SWEETheart of CityClass Hotel Residence am Dom.


Enjoy in a cosy-modern surrounding a wide selection of cakes and tarts, which are prepared by our in-house pastry chef.


In the whole café area (including the terrace) we provide free WiFi access to all our guests. 


We are looking forward to your visit! 


Daily from 12 noon – 7 p.m.


Food & drinks menu


Homemade cakes & pies

Our confectioner Bernd (known from radio and television) creates sweet temptations that will impress you! Pear-cranberry cake, mango- passion fruit brownie or would you maybe prefer a piece of the genuine Black Forest gateau? There is truly something for everyone!


  All cakes and pies as well as coffee also to take away!


Got an idea in mind? Cake it out!

You dream of an impressive wedding cake or wish a themed cake? Bernd creates a sweet highlight exclusively for you. Whether for weddings, birthdays, christenings, etc. here you will find the right cake for every occasion.





„Discover the diverse world of cakes and pies. I look forward to your visit and wish you SWEET moments!“


Bernd Stuff, confectioner


In the summer months you have the chance to enjoy your food and drinks on the outdoor terrace. During Advent you can sit in the warm and cosy indoor area while you have a look at the traditional Christmas market.




Café-Lounge Alter Markt 55 is located close to the historic town hall, where loving couples exchange their vows. Use the café as an ideal place for socializing after your wedding. On request, we can also bake your very own wedding cake. 


More information



Alter Markt 55
50667 Cologne

Here you will find „Café-Lounge Alter Markt 55“ in Cologne

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